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NuGenomics AI Powered Predictive Health Analytics

Creates a Comprehensive Picture of Current and Future health


NuGenomics AI Powered Predictive Recommendation System

DNA based food and lifestyle recommendations to optimize health

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Nutrigenomics Recommendations

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NuGenomics was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't thank them enough. I had been dealing with a severe pain in my feet for years now and despite showing it to innumerable doctors,...

Ms. Vibhi Gupta
(P&C Partner Global Tech India Lead)
Discovery Inc

The concept of DNA test-based approach is absolutely brilliant. The program has been tailored just for me based on my genetic report and hence has helped me be sure that I am on the right path....

Ms. Shreya Shetty
(Collaborative Consultant: Research)
Urban Design and Architecture

I was introduced to NuGenomics by Rahul, who is the cofounder of this business. I have had lifestyle induced health conditions of high cholesterol and weight management. Cholesterol management was a..

Mr. Abhimanyu Shekhawat
(Senior Director)

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