About Us T

At NuGenomics, we intend to maximize your wellness potential. We intend to make you feel younger, lighter, more productive. We don’t want health to be a reason you restrict yourself from living life to the fullest. Now or in the future. If you feel like going on that trek, you go. We want to aid you in staying in shape, in building better immunity and in making you wake up everyday feeling like you got this.

We do this by conducting a DNA test. Basis your results, we give you personalized recommendations from our team of experts, who would then work along with you to achieve your optimum holistic well-being.

Are you ready to feel the best version of yourself?

Our Team
Dr. Balamurali AR

    Post Doc in Machine Learning
    Ph.D in Computer Science from IIT B and Monash University
    15+ years of experience

Dr. Balamurali AR

CoFounder – The Data Guy

Dr. Shanthi Lakshmi Duraimani

    Ph.D. in Mind-body genomics
    5 years+ experience in Nutrigenomics

Dr. Shanthi Lakshmi Duraimani


Rahul Ranganathan

    CSIR Research Fellow
    MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur
    6+ years of experience across domains

Rahul Ranganathan

CoFounder – Molecular Biologist