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With a fusion of genomics and personalized wellness, unveil a younger, more energetic, and mentally sharper version of yourself.

Unlocking Ageless Vitality: Embrace Precision Wellness and Scientific Mastery with the Best DNA Test for Age Reversal!

Embark on a transformative journey with NuGenomics and our exclusive Elixir program, where the future of age reversal is unveiled through cutting-edge genomics. Elixir isn’t just a program; it’s a symphony of personalized wellness strategies, including DNA tests for age reversal. Tailored Genetic and Microbiome Tests form the core, unveiling your unique blueprint. From personalized nutrition and supplementation to bespoke exercise and mind-body rejuvenation, Elixir is your holistic guide to (youthful living/timeless vitality). With exclusive access to age-defying techniques and expert coaching, Elixir is not just a program; it’s your commitment to a journey toward a healthier, revitalized self.

At NuGenomics, we don’t just uncover aging secrets; we redefine the story for a stronger, empowered you.


How it Works

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What Do You Get?

Youthful, Radiant Skin

Youthful, Radiant


Toned and Revitalized Physique


Enhanced Cognitive Functions


Boosted Energy Levels and Vitality


Improved Health Parameters


Renewed Confidence and Self-Esteem


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Biological Age Assessment
Uncover the secrets of your biological age, a personalized metric that considers genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and comorbidities. In simpler terms, biological age reflects the wear and tear on your cells, providing a holistic view of your overall health beyond the passage of time.

Nutritional Status Evaluation
Delve into the risks associated with aging by assessing nutritional status. Identify potential deficiencies in vital nutrients such as B12, omega-3, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid, ensuring a well-rounded approach to support your body’s needs as you navigate the aging process
Neurological Wellbeing Assessment
Stay ahead of the curve by understanding your neurological wellbeing parameters. Gain insights into your cognitive abilities as you age, helping you proactively address and maintain optimal memory function for a sharper and more vibrant mind.
Bone Health Insights
Gain a deeper understanding of your bone health with our assessment of bone mineral density and genetic risk for fractures. Empower yourself with knowledge that allows you to take proactive steps in preserving and strengthening your bones for a vibrant and active lifestyle.
Antioxidant Defense Prediction
Peek into the future of your body’s defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. Our package predicts how efficiently your body tackles oxidative stress, offering insights into your biological aging risk. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to maintain youthful vitality and resilience.

Metabolic Health Prognosis
Anticipate and prevent potential health issues by predicting your metabolic health. Our package assesses the risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular ailments, empowering you to make informed choices that support a healthy and active lifestyle.


Raghu Krishnanada
CPTO , Myntra
NuGenomics came up with a very detailed health report based on the genetic analysis. This included do’s and dont’s, identifying superfoods as well as a very elaborate dietary regimen. They also assigned a doctor who was very helpful and followed up regularly and willing to tailor the recommendations based on progress.
Mr. Akash Nigam
Principal Engineer,
Western Digital
Surprise, surprise, surprise that is what you are up for with Nu-genomics. I am 36 years old and I have high BP problems. I have been on medication for almost 3 years now. For all those years, even with medications my BP monitor always showed orange or red color indicating higher BP. But within 3 months of following..
Mr. Abhimanyu
Senior Director, Flipkart
I was introduced to NuGenomics by Rahul, who is the cofounder of this business. I have had lifestyle induced health conditions of high cholesterol and weight management. Cholesterol management was a constant concern and even with all the requisite efforts of outdoor runs or lower fat intake, this was not getting addressed..

Choose the Best Program for You!


  • Genetic Analysis
  • Genomic Counselling
  • Genomic Exercise Session
  • Blood Analysis
  • Nutrigenomic Sessions
  • Physician Consultation
  • Psychologist Consultation
  • Precision Biohacks
  • Precision Nutrition Plans
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Pain Management Session

Elixir Program

Programme Duration: 1 month
  • Genetic Analysis
  • Physiological Analysis
  • Gut Microbiome Analysis
  • 16 Health Coach Sessions
  • 4 Experience Coach Sessions
  • 4 Mind Rehabilitation sessions
  • 4 Mind Rehabilitation sessions
  • 36 Genomic Exercise and Physical Rehabilitation sessions


  • Genetic Analysis
  • Genomic Counselling
  • Genomic Exercise Session
  • Blood Analysis
  • Nutrigenomic Sessions
  • Physician Consultation
  • Psychologist Consultation
  • Precision Biohacks
  • Precision Nutrition Plans
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Pain Management Session

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for You! All of you! You could be below 20 or over 70, or anywhere in between. The program takes into account everything about you from age to lifestyle & eating habits to uniquely design our recommendations to help you optimize your current and future health.
The program starts off by studying your “source code” i.e., your DNA. We then combine this information with what we’ve learnt from your blood tests, medical history and lifestyle to get a better-quality picture of your health today and in the future. Next, we analyse this to develop the plan best suited to you and deliver all of it to you in bite-size packages of information that will help kick-start some micro-changes.
Yes and no. We’ve got a few nutritional interventions that are fully personalised for you, based on your blood and genomic data, your lifestyle and medical history. But we’ve promised you “no starving” and we’ll stick by it. This is truly built for you around you.
The initial subscription lasts 3 months and this is meant to kickstart you towards your lifegoals. Once we’ve got you feeling faster, stronger and younger you decide whether you want to continue or not. Should you wish to continue to be a part of the program, you can pick from a variety of subscription options.
Not at all. We may include some light intensity exercises as part of your program if the need arises. Even if we do, they will not require the use of sophisticated equipment or a gym membership. We do however recommend keeping your physician in the loop before acting on any recommendations provided to you.
To optimize overall health. This simply means that ensuring parameters like your immunity, energy, physical strength and metabolism are high as can be while parameters like body fat, inflammation, skin issues & allergies are as low as can be. Once we get the balance right, you’ll be feeling & moving like a sprightly young soul for a long, long time.
This journey will not be like any run-of-the-mill program. It is completely holistic and personalized to achieve complete health optimization. We provide you with thorough understanding of your body, and your genetic information, and hand-hold you to bring about small changes that are sustainable to help you achieve the best version of yourself. No starving, no slamming it in the gym, no magic and no false promises. This is science, as true and hardcore as it can get.
The aim of our program is to help you get to a state of better overall wellness. Where you are now is just our starting point. We design a program considering your present condition & aim to bring holistic, long-term improvements. But like we said, probably best to keep your physician in the loop so that, you know, we’re not stepping on any toes.
We thought 70+ parameters deserved a question of their own so find
  • Metabolic Health-We learn about a lot of fancy sounding things like blood sugar, cholesterol, HDL, LDL (we’ll tell you the full forms when we get there).
  • Nutritional Status-Give your body all the right nutrients & superfoods and it will give you the most out of everything you do.
  • Sensitivities-Sometimes day to day substances like wheat & caffeine have adverse effects on our body. Your gene structure will let us know what does and does not work for your body.
  • Ageing-Do you feel your age? All these body aches and pains tend to make you feel older than you actually are. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel younger for longer?
  • Addictions-In the case of addiction to substances like caffeine & alcohol, the genetics play a vital role. Some people are more susceptible to these addictions and a quick glance into their genes will give us a better idea.

Genetic Testing and Age Reversal - All You Need To Know

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But genetics is just the beginning of our journey together. Our team delves deep into your metabolic health through detailed blood analysis, evaluating markers like blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation. This in-depth profiling enables us to identify any imbalances and develop targeted strategies to optimize your metabolism for sustainable results.

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Armed with your genetic and metabolic insights, our expert nutritionists design a customized meal plan that nourishes your body from the inside out. Say goodbye to restrictive, one-size-fits-all diets that rarely work in the long run. Instead, we focus on providing you with a satisfying, nutrient-dense eating plan that not only supports healthy weight management but also fuels your active lifestyle.

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Weight loss is a journey, and we understand that true transformation requires more than just dietary changes. Our program includes personalized lifestyle coaching, where our certified experts guide you in incorporating exercise routines, stress management techniques, and mindful practices into your daily routine. We believe in cultivating sustainable habits that seamlessly integrate into your life, and our coaches are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

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At Nugenomics, we believe in a collaborative and dynamic approach to your weight management journey. We continuously monitor your progress, making adjustments and refinements as needed. Our team remains by your side, offering ongoing support, motivation, and accountability to ensure you stay on track and overcome any challenges that may arise.

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By combining the power of genetic testing with personalized nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and continuous support, our Weight Management Program empowers you to take control of your health and well-being. No more repetitive cycles of fad diets and quick fixes; embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your ideal weight, embracing a future of optimal health, vitality, and confidence—the future you deserve.
Join Nugenomics today and experience the difference that a truly personalized approach can make in your weight management endeavors. Unlock your potential, and let’s write your story of lasting transformation together.

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