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SayNoToResolution – The right way to stay healthy

A complete genetic report and a complete blood report containing over 70 parameters.
Attain a complete view of current and future health by combining your genetic and blood parameters along with your lifestyle information, medical history and physical parameters.

  • Micro-recommendations to hand hold you towards simple lifestyle hacks for health optimization.
  • Understand your macro-nutrient requirements for long term optimal health.
  • Understand the role of deficiencies and micro-nutrient requirements to stay in the pink of health.
  • Know your sensitivities and intolerances to get rid of bloating issues.
  • Maintain long term optimal health through root cause analysis for a range of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, IBS etc.
  • 12 unique nutri-genomic plans for 3 months aimed towards optimizing nutrition.
  • Health coach support (on call/on demand) to guide your journey.
  • Avoid fad diets to know exactly what works for you.
  • Ideal for correcting lifestyle issues such as diabetes and hypertension while creating and maintaining optimal health.
  • 2 Free Doctor consultations.

Program Price:

INR 19999