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Not losing weight?

So, you’ve tried everything. Exercise and diet. Willpower and won’t-power. And what does your weighing scale have to show for it? The same old numbers.

For once, it’s not your fault. There are many things beyond your control that cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose the extra kilos. You already know about high calorie intake and the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle (which is why you picked up that gym membership!), but what if we told you the science behind it?

Your genes hold the
key to your wellness.

Every body is unique. Your genetic makeup determines how your body reacts to food, exercise and lifestyle behaviour.

When it comes to macro-nutrients, your body finds a particular source of energy more acceptable than others. Before you draw up your next diet plan, it’s important to know the source that works for you.

Likewise, your genes impact your metabolism. Micro-nutrient deficiencies can be resolved only by understanding how your body performs its metabolic functions.

Intolerances? Guess the culprit. Your system intolerances cause inflammation and bloating, and hinder the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Even the flow of hormones like estrogen, insulin, cortisol and others have a dramatic impact on your weight.

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. A change in sleep cycle is single-handedly responsible for nearly a 10% change in BMI.

Underlying medical conditions like diabetes and PCOD affect your weight too, not to mention psychological factors like motivation.

Join the genetic revolution

Don’t fight your nature.
Work with it.

If it’s all down to your genes, is change possible at all? Or should you resign yourself to an ever-bulging waistline and have that sugar candy after all?

Change is possible. If you work with your genetic predisposition rather than against it.

At NuGenomics, we study your genetic profile to glean a wealth of information.

We match it with your health reports, your medical history and your lifestyle to gain a holistic perspective. This helps us understand what is good for your body and what isn’t.

For instance, how much fat does your body prefer to store and how can we design an appropriate diet? What type of exercise works best for your body and at what time of the day?

Your genetic secrets can be a gateway to better health. We invite you to unlock them and nurture your nature.

Weight management has been the focus of our in-depth research for three long years.

Our team of multiple Ph.Ds and Post-Doctorates has analysed millions of genetic markers to create a healthy
and sustainable solution for you.

Our doctors and coaches have helped hundreds of users achieve their goals by working closely with them and being alert to their needs.

Try NuGenomics. You’ve nothing to lose, except your weight.

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