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Crash diet has no place in sustainable weight loss. And if you are a crash dieter, this is for you.

Weight management is all about sustainability, it is not about taking drastic measures to reduce your weight in a short span. There are also risks associated with crash dieting.

Crash Diet Reduces Your Leptin Levels

Crash diet, also known as weight cycling, may deliver short-term results for you, but it may be detrimental to your health in more ways than one!

In sizable number of cases, it leads to decreased levels of leptin, and when leptin decreases, it leads to increased appetite and a decreased number of calories burned at rest.

As a result, you may lose weight short-term only to gain more weight eventually! In a word, sustainable weight loss is not possible through crash diet.

Crash Diet Slows Down Your Metabolism

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) makes up 75% of the calories burnt every day. High metabolism is important for losing weight, but crash diet makes the metabolic rate lower.

This is because muscle breakdown occurs with crash dieting, leading to less muscle, which in turns leads to lower metabolic rate.

As a result, you gain more weight than actually lose it!

Can Cause Micro-Nutritional Deficiencies

Holistic health is not the purpose of crash diet, but mere weight loss achieved in a short span of time. It often leads to micro-nutrient deficiencies, which, in turn, slow down your metabolism.

Micro-nutrients predominantly determine the healthy balance of your metabolism. In other words, they are the cornerstone of your healthy metabolic rate.

Low calorie diets may actually help in your drastic weight loss program, but they are very restrictive in nature. When you crash diet, your body cannot generate all the micro-nutrients necessary for maintaining the optimum health of your body.

Micro-nutrient deficiencies slow down your metabolic rate, thereby contributing to more weight gained than lost.

Not without reason crash diet is also called a yo-yo dieting!

DNA based Weight Loss Program — The Way to Holistic Health

By definition, it is holistic in nature, backed by modern science and wide research data.

And by definition and more, since it is based on your genetic markers, it can be tailormade for your exact requirement, instead of fancy treatment approaches and off-the-mark diagnostics!

An effective solution to losing your excessive weight as part of your lifestyle changes depends largely on how your genetic factors are poised, and how well they could be used as predictive markers in your weight loss interventions.

We can no longer ignore the genetic component of the individual, especially when it comes to dealing with lifestyle disorders.

Weight loss companies with their off-the-shelf, dietary-intervention products will not tell you this.

In the endgame, it is the Genetic Players who wield the weapons needed to counter the new-age disorders!

The solution lies in Nutrigenomics, not in crash diet!


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