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How do I improve the wellness and engagement levels of employees in my organization?

If you have asked this question to yourself then you have come to the right place. NuGenomics offers “U” a one-stop solution to all your wellness and engagement needs. Being a data centric company, we pride ourselves in giving solutions which are catered to your organization. Aimed towards the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your employees. We combine the abilities to look into the future, appreciate the present and understand the past to improve your organization’s wellness and engagement levels.

Look into the future: A complete genetic and lifestyle analysis to understand a range of health and lifestyle conditions that your employees face and plan interventions accordingly to help them.

Appreciate the Present: Understand the concerns, stressors and pressures your employees face and help them cope through a range of on-site and remote interventions.

Understand the Past: Medical history and lifestyle tracking for your employees and analytics for your organization to track the health and engagement levels of the organization.

Our holistic offering includes:

  • Genetic Testing and Analysis
  • Quarterly Health Camps
  • Lifestyle Tracking through NuGenomics App
  •  Nutri-Genomic meal plans
  • Health Coach Support
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Psychologist Support
  • Meditation Camps
  • Emotional Cafe
  • Monthly Employee Engagement Health Activity
  • Organization Health Analytics Dashboard

    What are the benefits ?

    Benefit to Employees

    • Most comprehensive picture of current and future health
    • Complete health profile with nutritional and lifestyle guidance
    • Protection against a range of future health issues
    • Improved health and productivity
    • Complete meal plans removing guess work and trial and error
    • Lifelong maintenance of live profile and health recommendations
    • Recommendations from expert Doctors, Pyschologists and fitness instructors

    Benefit to Organizations

    • Establishes an organization as the pioneer of employee wellness
    • Snapshot of current and future health of the organization
    • Enables creation of focused organization level health interventions
    • Reduces healthcare costs
    • Improves ROI of healthcare spending
    • Improves workforce health and productivity
    • Boosts morale and reduces absenteeism
    • Organization analytics report to manage organization health
    • Year long engagement based on the organization health data
    • One stop solution for wellness and engagement woes

      Program Overview:

      Our year long engagement activities will be inclusive of but not limited to:

      Genetic Testing and Analysis:

      Know your body like never before. Get answers to “what works for you? What’s harming you? What will help you achieve your potential? Let your org experience a new version of itself!!

      Quarterly Health Camps:

      Get over 80 blood parameters and your body composition checked every quarter and track the progress of your organization’s health.

      Nutri-Genomic Meal Plans

      A diverse variety of meal plans catering to their location, likes and dislikes, occasions and of course, health requirements.

      Monthly Employee Engagement Health Activity

      Walkathons, Plank challenges, Food Challenges, sports, you name it.

      Organization Health Analytics Dashboard

      Track and predict the health of your org through real time insights and have the ability to take targeted actions towards health and insurance.

      Lifestyle Tracking

      Allow your employees to track and gain control over their routine to optimize their performance.

      Doctor Consultations

      Free physician consultations as per your employee’s requirement.

      Health Coach Support

      Unlimited interactions and guidance through dedicated health coaches for any health-related queries.

      Psychologist Support

      Interactions to help your employees to speak their mind and pour their heart out to a listening ear

      Meditation & Yoga Camps

      Conducted on premise to help your teams achieve the calm they deserve

      Emotional Café

      Connect with peers across orgs and help each other overcome their troubles

      Marquee clients

      What they are saying

      NuGenomics came up with a very detailed health report based on the genetic analysis. This included do’s and dont’s, identifying superfoods as well as a very elaborate dietary regimen. They also assigned a doctor who was very helpful and followed up regularly and willing to tailor the recommendations based on progress.

      Raghu Krishnanada

      CPTO , Myntra

      Surprise, surprise, surprise that is what you are up for with Nu-genomics. I am 36 years old and I have high BP problems. I have been on medication for almost 3 years now. For all those years, even with medications my BP monitor always showed orange or red color indicating higher BP. But within 3 months of following Nu-genomics nutritionist recommendations, for the 1st time my BP monitor showed green light. I am ecstatic. Trust me, it has happened for the 1st time in the past 3 years. I have an active lifestyle, do regular exercise and have been following all good diet recommendations from the doctor & internet but it has never yielded results for me. Nu-genomics did my blood profiling and taking into consideration my genomic markers provided the customised diet plan. And frankly, I had followed only 50% of their recommendations but still my BP showed normal readings. In fact, not just my BP improved, my cholesterol and lipid profile levels have improved by 20-30%. I believe the genome modified diet did the trick for me. I highly recommend you to try out Nu-genomics for your BP problems. It will work for you just like it worked for me. Btw, your wife may forget to nudge you for the recommended diet plan but their Health Coach wont! So, they will hand hold you till you get the results.

      Mr. Akash Nigam

      Principal Engineer, Western Digital

      As an early adopter of new technology, I was intrigued by the concept of knowing the DNA, knowing yourself far more deeply & of your past, and then to utilizes that information to make the present better in a very simple and meaningful way. Something as simple as Walnuts is a Superfood for me & all this with very neat UI/UX experience that explains in very simple language what these very complex things mean. I believe it’s revolutionary in the early symptoms detection space & NuGenomics is being it in most friendly way

      Ramesh Bafna

      Ex-CFO, Myntra

      The concept of DNA test-based approach is absolutely brilliant. The program has been tailored just for me based on my genetic report and hence has helped me be sure that I am on the right path. Getting a genetic test was an excellent experience. From the time they come to collect your samples, all at our door step, to the support provided by the Health Coach. Its extremely to the point and gradual in its process giving one enough time to adopt to the changes one needs. Highly Recommend!

      Ms. Shreya Shetty

      Collaborative Consultant : Research, Urban Design and Architecture

      I like to stay fit, and the DNA-based wellness solution from NuGenomics has helped me become a better version of myself. The insights from my combined data (including genomics, biomarkers, and lifestyle), regular consultations with the nutrigenetic specialist, and personalized health and meal plans make it a complete package. Thank you for helping me discover new possibilities!

      Mr. Arvind Kamath

      Senior Manager, Aveva

      NuGenomics was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t thank them enough. I had been dealing with a severe pain in my feet for years now and despite showing it to innumerable doctors, I was not able to get a diagnosis. Thinking there is nothing to lose, I chose to try genomic testing.What was surprising was that a couple of simple recommendations worked wonders. My pain was 50% better within 2 weeks. What’s great about them is that they understand change doesn’t come easily and therefore the health Coach constantly keeps a check and keeps altering your recommendations to suit your needs and make it easy for you. They also make the offering waybeyond just health. The analysis gives you interesting insights about what works for your gene type and what doesn’t – so that you know exactly what will help yield maximum results with minimum effort.

      Ms. Vibhi Gupta

      P&C Partner Global Tech India Lead, Discovery Inc

      I was introduced to NuGenomics by Rahul, who is the cofounder of this business. I have had lifestyle induced health conditions of high cholesterol and weight management. Cholesterol management was a constant concern and even with all the requisite efforts of outdoor runs or lower fat intake, this was not getting addressed for a few years. As a customer of the full health package offering of, I can now confirm that with their personalised nutrition approach, based on the outputs of my genetic report, provided me with a solution to my High Cholesterol. For the first time in 5 years, my LDL and triglyceride levels are at the lowest level and moving towards a healthy trend. The weekly touch base and the personalised efforts by Dr Bhawna, my Health Coach from Nugenomics, have been truly exemplary. I have tried a few apps and products to manage my health, especially in the WFH times, but none have resulted in such great results as the NuGenomics experience has. Kudos to the team for such a personalised and sophisticated approach for pre-emptive care and to enable such amazing outcomes.

      Mr. Abhimanyu Shekhawat

      Senior Director, Flipkart

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