Don’t know how to reduce your Cholesterol? Tried a few things and nothing worked?

Alright, we heard you, and we love to help you improve your health parameters and show you how to reduce your cholesterol naturally in 10 easy, doable steps.


“While we strongly recommend consulting your Doctor for keeping your cholesterol levels in check, we can show you how to reduce them in a more natural way.”


And, there is Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol. We’re just going to attack the Bad Cholesterol (LDL).

Let’s take you through these 10 steps one by one.

1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables will help lower your cholesterol naturally. They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that help reduce your bad cholesterol levels.

Vegetables, like Beans and Eggplant that are especially rich in soluble fiber, may lower your cholesterol levels.

Fenugreek and Garlic may help reduce your cholesterol levels too, if added to your food regularly. Also, Amla, which is rich in antioxidants, can help you lower it.

Also, eating citrus fruits like grapes, strawberries and blueberries that contain pectin (a type of soluble fiber that lowers your bad cholesterol) can reduce your Bad Cholesterol.

2. Drink More Water to Reduce Cholesterol

Drinking water helps keep your body hydrated and healthy.

It keeps your blood ways clean and eliminate the excess buildup of cholesterol waste from the body.

3. Cut Back on Alcohol

If you drink alcohol regularly, try cutting back on how much you consume each day. This will help reduce your cholesterol levels. Heavy drinking may increase your bad cholesterol, affect your liver and increase your blood pressure.

So, always drink in moderation or better consult your Doctor on how quantity you can drink a day or a week.

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4. Exercise Regularly to Reduce Cholesterol

A healthy diet and regular exercise are two of the easiest ways to lower cholesterol naturally, as well as improve your overall health.

Try walking 30 minutes every day. You can also do other forms of exercise such as swimming, running, biking, dancing and yoga.

5. Don’t Eat Trans Fats

Trans fat is a type of dietary fat, but it is very bad for your health. Period. Trans fat increases your Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and lowers your Good Cholesterol (HDL). It also increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke and type 2 diabetes

Avoid processed food as much as possible, and beware of fast-food outlets that add trans fats to deep-fry foods.

6. Eat More Fish

Eat fish at least two times a week. Add more salmon, sardines and bluefin tuna that are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats to your diet.

Fish will lower your cholesterol by reducing your intake of red meat which contains saturated fats in abundance.

7. Eat Nuts to Reduce Cholesterol

Most of nuts can lower your Bad Cholesterol. They contain sterols which, like fiber, keep your body from absorbing cholesterol.

Almonds and other tree nuts can improve your blood cholesterol. Diet supplemented with walnuts can lower the risk of heart your complications.

But nuts are high in calories, so eat them in measured quantity.

8. Eat More Spices

Eating Spices like Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Coriander and Cinnamon can reduce your Bad Cholesterol.

Research shows that eating one clove of Garlic each day can lower cholesterol up to 9%.

9. Quit Smoking to Reduce Cholesterol

Smoking can increase your Bad Cholesterol and lower Good Cholesterol.

If you quit smoking, you Good Cholesterol could rise 5% in one year, according to a study.

Don’t be around smokers either. Passive smoking can also raise levels of your Bad Cholesterol.

10. Reduce Your Stress

Socialise, unwind, crack jokes, go out with your buddies, play with your pet and laugh your heart out.

If you feel stressed out, try taking some deep breaths and relaxing. This will help reduce your stress levels and allow you to think clearly.

Laughter can increase your Good Cholesterol. Laughter can be your medicine!


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