Superfood can be defined as the food that addresses most deficiencies in a single shot. There are no hard and fast rules that these sorts of food are superfoods, and it varies from person to person. Le resultat https://asgg.fr/ etait exceptionnel. Some foods can be very beneficial for specific people and general for some. DNA testing can help you identify your deficiencies and recommend a DNA-based diet to address them specifically. Hence, Personalized superfoods.

In this article, we will discuss How genetic testing helps identify what the superfoods for our system are.

dna-based diet

DNA testing does not decide whether Mango/Jamun food is good for you or not. The DNA test enables us to identify the most common deficiencies with a high propensity.

In a standard blood checkup, you will understand vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D 12. But in DNA testing, you’re able to look at vitamin A and tire B complex C, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and the entire gene bank. It will help to understand the micronutrients that have the highest chance of being deficient in your body and recommend the right kind of diet that will take care of those deficiencies.

Personalize Superfoods: DNA-based Diet

Each person faces different deficiencies and a different set of health conditions. Each person’s body also reacts differently to micronutrients. So the superfood will also be different for each person.

For example, Kidney beans can be a superfood for some people and ordinary food for many people. But kidney beans can solve many deficiencies in a single shot. If a person is diagnosed with such deficiency, kidney beans might be a superfood for him.

DNA-based superfoods

So, In lifestyle analysis and recommendation, We give them 7 to 10 superfoods per person. Sometimes it is tough to accept a diet plan and lifestyle, but adding these 7–10 superfoods to your diet might be easy. This is the Idea behind personalized superfoods. You can analyse your lifestyle here for weight loss and other lifestyle issues.

Soul Foods

Some foods can be terrible for someone but might be super beneficial for others. These are are the superfoods as we discussed earlier in this article.

Apart from that, some food works brilliantly for our system. These foods come into the soul food category. In soul food, certain parts of fruits, veggies, grain, and oil are considered that respond well to your body. These plans help you achieve your goals and solve several deficiencies that you did not even know you were facing.

Our body has been a very robust entity for a very long time. It tries to negate any adverse effects that you are doing. But every living biological aspect has a threshold beyond which it breaks. Our entire effort is to try and put you behind that nodal point where this change actually occurs. We ensure the change occurs in a positive direction. Being consistent will yield the results you have wanted for a long time.

DNA Testing for Diet and Fitness

Most of the conditions related to diet and fitness are known as polygenic conditions. It essentially means that it is not governed by one gene. Multiple genes interact together to result in a particular phenotype. This phenotype is what we see on the external body. Science is developing around this topic.

DNA Testing for Diet & Fitness

If the markers, we are aware of are higher in number, the better will be the result that we can provide across certain conditions. Only two different genes govern certain traits like Lactose intolerance as it is just a single enzyme, and with those two markers, it is possible to get well over 90% accuracy. But in diet and fitness, we have to know how our body interacts with carbs or proteins, and these conditions are highly polygenic traits.

In certain highly polygenic traits like diabetes, getting well over 80% accuracy is possible. But in certain parts like in fitness, accuracies will be lower. It can be as accurate as well over 90% in monogenic, but if there are three to seven markers, it can be as low as 80%. Research is still going on to address these areas. Once the science around this topic evolves, our predictions and recommendations will also keep growing.

How do these DNA Tests Work?

DNA creates proteins in the form of RNA, and then RNA leads the development of the proteins and does a lot of work inside the body. Then, regulatory elements within the DNA talk about when and what protein needs to be expressed.

There are 3 billion base pair long molecules called the DNA with variations at different places. Many of these variations have been accounted for in Human Genome Projects, and these areas are known as hotspots.

Mutation or polymorphism, as commonly called, are seen in these areas. We are different from each other at these points. Over 99.7% of our DNA is very similar to every person, and only 0.3% are different, which is the deciding factor in every human being. Hence, the hotspot. NuGenomics focuses on how your hotspots are different from everybody else and help people find out the health trajectory that they might be taking. It is a complete understanding of the past, used in the present, to optimize your future.

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