Sweet Potato: Top 5 Health benefits

Sweet potatoes are a Superfood. And, they are super healthy for you. Sweet potatoes are large edible roots of the the morning glory family, and seventh most produced crop in the world. Its tubers, leaves and shoots are good sources of nutrients for both humans and animals. Sweet potatoes contain macronutrients such as starch, dietary […]

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Top 10 Superfoods for Diabetes

Certain Superfoods can help you manage your diabetes and lower your blood sugar levels. And, Superfoods are foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories. They are also called high nutrient-dense foods. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are known to lower your blood sugar levels. Let’ see what types of […]

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5 Indian Superfoods that Will Change Your Life Forever

Yep, that’s right, these Indian superfoods can be life-changing. Research shows that Indian superfoods can prevent certain diseases from popping up, like heart disease and cancer. Indian superfoods rich in antioxidants protect your cells from damage, increase your immunity and decrease your inflammation. The ancient Ayurvedic tradition has long recommended eating these Indian superfoods to […]

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