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Researchers have predicted that obesity might be another pandemic of the 21st century. According to a survey, 36% of adults are overweight, and it will continue to grow. We are well aware of it as well. Most of us have tried different diet plans, and different exercise programs to achieve our new year fitness goal, yet the results are not very convincing.

The hardest part of following a nutritional diet plan is being consistent. People are finding it difficult to sustain a diet plan for so long. At NuGenomics, we understand your concern because sometimes, nutritional diet plans that our health coaches have prescribed are hard to follow. It might be very generic and simply not meant for your body type. There is no one diet fits all strategy.

A nutritional plan or diet must be specific to your body type and must be a sustainable diet that sticks long. In this article, we will discuss how nutrigenomic is a more sustainable way to achieve your fitness goals.

nutritional diet for fitness

Most people go to their health coaches, nutritionists or dieticians for a nutritional plan to achieve specific goals in fitness. The problem with these generic nutritional plans is that they are very generic and based on trial and error.

Nutrigenomic plans are very different as they are very specific, not generic. It looks at multiple aspects like what is it that your DNA interacts best with and the deficiencies that you are either already facing or most prone to facing before creating a nutritional plan.

When we break down the word Nutrigenomic which is a fusion of two words, nutrient and genomic, Nutri means the nutrition or the nutritional aspect and Genomic means through the DNA. So, it is a plan that is created through your DNA. It is essentially the epitome of personalization, and you do not get a more personalized nutritional plan than nutrigenomic.

How Does Nutrigenomic Specify a Diet that Works for You?

When we look into DNA, it talks about different factors like the interaction of other macros in your DNA. In weight loss, the first thing that people generally do is go into a calorie deficit diet. Calorie deficit or calorie restriction has created a buzz for a while. But only 28% of our population experience a positive result in calorie restriction, and 72% do not see any effect. It suggests that calorie deficit or calorie restriction is not the solution.

If we look through the eyes of nutrigenomic or through DNA, there is a logic behind the fact.

In the past, there was famine. People were deprived of food for a long time, and that information is stored in our DNA.

Our bodies are remarkably adaptive, and they adapt to calorie deficit very easily.

When we are in a calorie deficit, it reduces the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the energy required by the body while resting, and low BMR decreases metabolic efficiency. So, our body adapts and sustains itself wonderfully in a calorie deficit diet.

But a calorie deficit diet cannot go on for a long time. Everybody hates being hungry for the rest of their life. Practically you will put your body under restriction for two to three months then you will be out of it. Once you move out of calorie restriction, your body will see a lot of calories flooding in. It will result in gaining back all the weight you have lost in the diet. It can also result in bloating and other health issues.

Understanding the Interaction Between Macros and Your Body.

Let us take fats into account. We have analyzed that 36% of our population are susceptible to saturated fats, and these fats are in packaged foods like chips. If you are falling in this cohort of people that are sensitive toward saturated fat, then a calorie deficit diet would not be very beneficial for you. Cutting out saturated fat decreases your BMI by about 10%, and there is research evidence to showcase this across. Therefore, it is vital to understand how your body reacts with these aspects before deciding what works and does not work for you.

Nutrigenomic does not put you through a calorie deficit diet because it may give you short term results but may affect you negatively in the long term. It is not only about what you will achieve in the next two to three months, but it is about how your life will be for the next 30 years. That is important for Nutrigenomic and you as well. Our goal is to make your today healthier and ensure that your life is throbbing with energy when you hit your late 70’s. So, by the time you reach 70, where most of the health problems start occurring, your body is already resilient. Your old age will still be your prime time.

The benefit of Nutrigenomic diet over generic diet

There is a lot of evidence of a nutrigenomic diet. Following a Nutrigenomic plan is much easier than following a generic plan. There are two reasons behind the success of a nutrigenomic diet. First, a Nutrigenomic diet plan can look into various aspects of the body that a generic diet plan cannot look at.

Second, consuming food in line with your DNA impacts our body more quickly than a generic plan.

In some cases, people have experienced higher energy levels within 12 days of starting the plan. They said that they do not feel fatigued or tired anymore. So, it makes people stick to the diet plan as the result they want is quicker than expected.

Third, It knows how your food will interact with the body, and it delivers to its targeted parts with no adverse effects on the body.

So it becomes three times more easier to follow and five times when it comes to the result that it delivers. These numbers come from Peer-reviewed journals, which have established research behind these numbers. Hence, Nutrigenomic is more confident that these plans will help you achieve the result you want more efficiently and sustainably.


Apart from the fact that it works especially to achieve your fitness goals, it also has psychological aspects. You will feel motivated to follow the nutrigenomic plan, which is meant specifically for your body. Knowing that this is categorically designed to keep you as the centre of the universe helps you adorn the role and take action accordingly. It gives you the power in your hands to change what you want to change and the way you want to change. It is the most vital point when it comes to nutrition.

Take a step by adopting Nutrigenomic in your life, and we assure you to make your present and future healthier. To know which diet is suitable for you contact with our dieticians who will analyse you through your DNA based testing to make you lighter and younger. For regular updates and tips follow us on Instagram, Stay tune with us.

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